Unsung Heroes: Back Cover Copy

Beneath the ruins of Xith Xanan is a dark and forgotten magic: a stone that grants wishes–at a terrible price. An artifact like that could change the balance of power in the Sheltered Lands; a power some would sacrifice anything to possess.

That power is about to fall into the hands of a sixteen-year-old boy with a knack for stealing.

Lade had always wanted to be a hero, but he never realized it involved so much lying. Plucked from the dungeons and thrust headlong into the heart of the rebellion, Lade is in far over his head. The rebels have been rebuilding the ruins of Xith Xanan, but Lade is about to unleash the dark magic lurking there. Something far more sinister is brewing than monarchs and malcontents, and the glowing stone in the young thief’s grip is at the center of it.

If successful, Lade could be a hero. But to be the hero of Vael is to be the champion of a kingdom riddled with injustice, led by men and women scheming for power. Lade is trapped in the web of a king willing to pay *any* price to get what he wants.

Lade must decide whether to save the kingdom… or destroy it.


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