About the Book


When legends are lies and heroes fail, things are never what they seem.

Lade’s first attempt at thievery got him cast into the dungeons of Castle Vael.

Will his second attempt make him a hero?

Plucked out of the dungeons to save a princess from the rebels, the young thief is in way over his head. From the shadowy ruins of Xith Xanan to the deadly machinations of Castle Vael, Lade and his friends find themselves in a tooth-and-nail struggle for survival… if only they can keep from killing each other in the process.

In the midst of this rebellion, something far more sinister is brewing than mere kings and malcontents. As Lade will learn, the heroes of legends are made for nefarious purposes by men with power, thirsty for more.

It’s up to the outcasts to try to save a land bent on destroying itself. The Unsung Heroes.

Unsung Heroes is a fast-paced epic fantasy, that’s hard to put down.  But it’s still in progress. I’m looking for beta-readers who’d like to share in the creative process, take a look, and tell me what they think.  Writing’s a labor of love, and I can’t wait to connect with my fellow fantasy fans.  Contact me with the form below.


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